Learn how Poly Evolution saved money for a Wisconsin custom molder, and helped the company develop new business and profitability.

A Wisconsin custom molder was purchasing expensive resins and compounds for a highly cosmetic consumer goods product. Their material needs forced their prices up and out of the competitive range. They found it difficult to expand their product line because most product developers found them too expensive to collaborate with.

When we first began working with the client, we examined their current need and were able to provide a prime, pre-colored ABS product at a cost 11% less than competitors. Thanks to this reduction in material cost, the company regained competitive footing in the market, and was better positioned to secure a $1M product line.

At Poly Evolution, we don’t force you to fit a mold; we supply and create products specifically engineered for your unique resin needs, at a price that positions you for success.

Are you ready to expect more from your resin supplier? It’s time to join the Evolution.


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