Through our years  in resin sales, distribution and custom compounding, we’ve seen customers struggle to find a partner who can deliver cost savings without sacrificing quality. Add poor customer service to the mix, and  you have a situation that puts custom molders and OEMs at a significant competitive disadvantage. Does this sound familiar?

Poly Evolution is changing the game. As one of the few industry experts who specializes in both distribution and custom compounding, we give our customers a unique leg up on the competitors, paired with our hallmark customer service. Thanks to our multi-location and high-volume production, Poly Evolution clients consistently enjoy industry best pricing on compounding and feedstock; unparalleled supply chain integrity; superior product quality; and even offshore production capabilities. And unlike our competitors, our industry pros are driven by your success, not by your wallet.

Over the years, Poly Evolution has developed a proven record for achieving key structural improvements, color integrity and other properties that position businesses for success—all at a price that competitors can’t touch. We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading OEMs and are ready to help you discover the power of a more effective resin partnership.

Tired of substandard pricing and quality? So are we. It’s time to join the Poly Evolution.

“When we met Poly Evolution, we needed two things: to consolidate our resin purchases and to find suppliers who truly valued our business. We had dealt with a string of poor experiences in the past, so we were immediately impressed with Poly Evolution’s customer service and the time they took to understand our unique needs. In the end, they delivered a custom-engineered material for our high-volume product, and a custom compound that delivered substantial cost savings. We’re very satisfied with the quality of products and customer service provided.” H.J., Global Purchasing Manager
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