Streamlining processes and keeping costs low is imperative for any business. Learn how the team at Poly Evolution helped a consumer products OEM company save material and labor costs by streamlining the distribution chain.

In today’s consumer-driven world, competitive costs are essential for growing your business. When we began working with one of our first clients, an international OEM consumer products company, we understood their frustration of finding the right product at the right price. As recycled resin distributors, we custom engineer products to fit our customer’s individualized needs so they can continue doing what they do best — running a profitable, competitive business.

The international OEM had been using multiple products from major manufacturers who were unable to meet the company’s custom product needs. This resulted in high costs, and a long lead time, as they mixed and blended compounds themselves. The company was strapped for space, having to store materials from the same manufacturer in the automatic material handling system. The entire purchase and production process became a cost drain for the company and increased the potential for human error. Poly Evolution came in and did what we do best: customize products to simplify and streamline their business landscape.

Poly Evolution was able to save the company 23% in hard costs while eliminating the need for unnecessary product. Where competitors refused to create custom blends for the customer, we stepped in to engineer a single custom compound that eliminated uneven fillers or property variances for a high-integrity product. This also reduced the amount of material on the floor and money out of pocket to purchase and accommodate the materials.

By providing ready-mixed product, the company was able to streamline their purchases and reduce labor costs. The improved color changeability of the new compound reduced purge volumes by 50%, and reduced scrap rates. Cycle times were also reduced by 15-20%, resulting in additional capacity and cost savings. The lead time for compound delivery was reduced from 8 weeks to 2 for a more efficient purchase and production process.

Many businesses provide their customers with high-quality product. At Poly Evolution, we thrive on the big picture, which is why we don’t stop at quality product. The 23% cost savings achieved through engineering the right product, and the peace of mind that came with the reduction of labor cost and human error was the ultimate winning combination for our customer.

At Poly Evolution, we don’t force you to fit a mold; we create products specifically engineered for your unique resin needs, at a price that positions you for success.

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