Learn how Poly Evolution saved money for an Illinois OEM by engineering a custom solution to a problematic product that was hitting them with unexpected costs.

Acquiring a consistent custom compound can be problematic; that’s exactly what was plaguing an Illinois-based OEM when Poly Evolution began working with them. Their current material cost was high due to inconsistent compounds, which led to wasteful scrapping and cycle inconsistencies.

Poly Evolution examined the client’s processes, and found that they could help them maintain their green initiative while producing a more consistent product than others in the same budget category. By engineering a custom compound that remained consistent from lot to lot, they reduced the scrap rate significantly, ensuring that more of the end product remained usable. This translated into reliable quality and consistency while creating a green solution at the same price point.

At Poly Evolution, we don’t force you to fit a mold; we create products specifically engineered for your unique resin needs, at a price that positions you for success.

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