Gone are the days of being at the mercy of inflexible resin distributors who promise to simplify your business with “off the shelf” materials. Poly Evolution’s custom compounding puts the world of resin possibilities at your fingertips, at a price that gives you a key competitive advantage.

Our powerhouse team has a track record for working with clients across market segments to develop winning custom formulations. We’re here to help you engineer the blend that meets your aesthetic and physical property requirements. Our custom compounds are engineered for unlimited flexibility and variations, and the resins in our exclusive “EVO” line can be produced using prime virgin stock.

But “custom” doesn’t have to equal “costly.” We use wide spec materials for cost savings when the process is flexible enough to absorb slight variance, or can incorporate reprocessed materials for a cleaner environment. We’re knowledgeable, customer-oriented, cost-conscious and dedicated to creating a winning compound that fits your property, and budget, requirements.


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    Increase Quality

    We’ve seen countless companies pay for materials that don’t meet their true needs. By engineering a high-quality, consistent custom compound that fits your specific requirements, we help you gain a key competitive edge.

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    Reduce Costs

    Our custom compounds reduce scrap rates and boost consistency—adding up to lower costs and a more streamlined process.

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    Client Spotlight

    Our ready-mixed product streamlined sales processes and cut costs for a major consumer products manufacturer who was unable to acquire the pre-mixed compound it needed through competitors. The blended resin compound retained color integrity, which reduced scrap rates and saved a significant amount in material and labor.

“I have now had a working relationship with Poly Evolution through two different OEM companies. From working with my teams to develop highly customized engineering-grade resins for very specific applications, to most recently offering excellent pricing on prime bulk resins, Poly Evolution has been an excellent resin source. We are testing two commodity resins with Poly Evolution now and look forward to continuing this great partnership.”
S.L., Director of Operations
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